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Why Millets

Reduces risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Millets are called "Nutri-Cereals" due to their vital nutritional content (Protein, Fibre, Micronutrients and Photochemical). Due to the richness of polyphenols and other biological active compounds, millets are also considered to impart role in lowering rate of fat absorption, slow release of sugars (low glycaemic index) and thus reducing risk of heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. The mineral content in millets ranges from 1.7 to 4.3 g/100 g, which is several folds higher than the staple cereals like wheat (1.5%) and rice (0.6%).They not only provide nutrients but they remove disease causing elements from our body and purify the body. Millets are the food grains having medicinal properties. They are in fact health nourishing capsules.

Millets are nutritionally similar or superior to major cereal grains. The additional benefits of the millets like gluten-free proteins, high fibre content, low glycaemic index and richness in bioactive compounds made them a suitable health food.


An approach for sustainable agriculture and healthy world

Food Security
  • Sustainable food source for combating hunger in changing world climate
  • Resistant to climatic stress, pests and diseases
Nutritional Security
  • Rich in micronutrients like calcium, iron, zinc, iodine etc.
  • Rich in bioactive compounds
  • Better amino acid profile
Safety from diseases
  • Gluten free: a substitute for wheat in celiac diseases
  • Low GI: a good food for diabetic persons
  • Can help to combat cardiovascular diseases, anaemia, calcium deficiency etc.
Economic security
  • Climate resilient crop
  • Sustainable income source for farmers
  • Low investment needed for production
  • Value addition can lead to economic gains